Injection Moulding

Our production is uncompromisingly geared to precision and cleanliness. Just as you would expect.

State-of-the-art injection moulding machines guarantee lasting quality - from small batches to quantities in the millions. And robots ensure fully automated part removal.

Lean processes result in the shortest reaction and development times. 69 injection moulding machines offer a wide range of production options. This means we are perfectly equipped for both everyday and unusual tasks.

In this way, your individual requirements can also be realised.

And extremely efficiently.

  • 69 injection moulding machines
  • 37 of which are fully electric
  • 24 x automation with servo removal robots
  • 12 automatic assembly machines
  • 5 multi-component injection moulding machines
  • Silicone injection moulding machine
  • Monitored and controlled clean room conditions (ISO class 8)