Mold Shop

Thanks to our experience in the design of moulds with the finest predetermined breaking points, the tightest tolerances or a multitude of other, product-specific requirements, our moulds guarantee a consistently and permanently high quality of your products.

Technical know-how and optimal equipment are crucial for the production of precise injection moulds. Our state-of-the-art processing technologies and our 3D measuring machine guarantee the highest quality of mould and article.

In-house design is our strength - for articles and mould concepts as well as from development to sample moulds and series moulds. We are at home in thermoplastic 1k and 2k injection moulding as well as in silicone LSR injection moulding (temperature and post-processing-free medical silicones).

In Spang &Brands own sample models, we can flexibly produce sample inserts for your articles.

For the production of precision tools, we manufacture all tools and moulds with our high-quality machines in milling, eroding, wire cutting and grinding - naturally under air-conditioned conditions. This is the only way to achieve the required manufacturing precision in the μ-range.

The use of the latest machining technology for optimised production and maximum precision of the tools - and of course an air-conditioned measuring room & 3D measuring machine for checking the individual parts - is a prerequisite for the repeat accuracy of your articles in production. After the tools have been manufactured, the service staff takes care of the maintenance and repair of your tools.

This is basically our standard in our services for you - and regardless of whether you want a complete package or an individual configuration.