About us

Spang und Brands GmbH is a successful, medium-sized company in the medical technology sector with around 160 employees.

Founded over 100 years ago as a family business by Aureus Spang and Jakob Brands, Spang & Brands has always been family-run - currently in its third generation - with the fourth generation already working in the company.

Flat hierarchies, short communication channels, innovative strength and open doors are what set us apart.

Our services include the development of articles as well as assemblies, the production of prototype and series tools in our own tool shop, a plastic injection moulding shop with more than 70 injection moulding machines, clean conditions in the clean room, clean room assembly as well as packaging and quality assurance.

We are a company that has completely reinvented itself several times over the last 100 years.

Founded as a shoe machine factory in Oberursel in 1909, we changed our focus in the 1960s (due to technological advancements) to packaging machines, and in the 1970s we set our current focus: plastic parts in the service of medical technology. Since then, we have lived this specialisation as our philosophy: we do what we do best.

Perhaps that is what makes us the best.

Our slogan is: "There is always a way to do it better. Find it!" (Thomas Edison)