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  We manufacture thermoplastic (plastic) precision parts and components. Our products are used worldwide exclusively in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. International companies such as Fresenius AG, BBraun, Baxter, Schering etc. are long-standing customers.

Trainees, Tool Mechanic - Moulding Technology

The field of moulding technology requires tool mechanics to produce moulds primarily from special steel alloys for the metal or plastics processing industry. To do so, they produce individual mould parts manually and by machine on the basis of technical drawings. They operate computer-controlled machines and develop special work programmes.

They assemble the prefabricated metal parts into a complete mould and then check the precision and function of these moulds. They also repair damaged and worn moulds and maintain machines as well as test equipment and tools.

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Contact :
Mr. Holger Claus
Tel. +49(6172)957087

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